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Philadelphia Detox and Rehabs

Last Updated on November 16, 2023
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Writer: Adam Zagha
Clinical Reviewer: Ariana Gravanis

Think about this for a minute: 1,276 overdose deaths were noted in Philadelphia, PA in 2021 alone. That's just one of the highest rates in the US if you look overall when it comes to substance use and addiction. If left untreated, it will continue to bounce up in the following years. That's why Philidelphia detox and rehab centers play a huge role to help control these numbers.

The experts at NUMA Recovery Centers are here to survey the current state of drug addiction and alcoholism, including how treatment and detox are helping change the course of addiction in Philadelphia, PA. Continue reading and you'll even find out the top 5 most notable detox and rehabs in the region.

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Steps to Find a Philadelphia Detox and Rehab Center

When a person or their loved ones ultimately decides for the welfare of a drug addiction sufferer, careful planning and deciding must be considered to ensure that any treatment or health program taken would be deemed successful. It's not as simple as buying candy from a store. Since this will take a considerable amount of resources, every decision must be done beforehand.

Here are some steps you may well consider as you find a rehab and detox center in Philadelphia, PA.

  1. Determine your needs. You must understand what your specific needs are. Factors that may affect your final decision may include budget, type of addiction, location, and particular special needs.

  2. Research potential centers. Start researching potential substance use recovery centers in the Philadelphia, PA area.

  3. Check for accreditation. It's important to choose a detox and rehab center that is accredited by a recognized organization, such as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF)

  4. Evaluate the treatment programs. Choose a detox and rehab center offering evidence-based treatment programs that are proven effective in treating alcoholism or substance use, such as a comprehensive methadone detox or opioid treatment program.

  5. Consider the staff. The employees working should be experienced, compassionate, and trained to work with people specifically with addiction. After all, these people will be with the patient at all times and will be highly responsible for the patient's day-to-day activities and treatment.

  6. Examine the facilities. Ensure that the treatment center is well-equipped to accommodate all of the needs of the patient. These facilities must be clean, safe, and comfortable.

  7. Check aftercare services. Aftercare services ensure that the patient can transition smoothly from rehab to their new life in the real world without any worry of falling into relapse.

Most Notable Philadelphia Detox and Rehabs

Philadelphia is home to many drug and alcohol detox centers. Some of these have government funding and allow for health insurance payments. Meanwhile, they have comprehensive programs that accommodate various types of clientele.

Here are the 5 drug and alcohol rehab centers in Philadelphia, PA that are well-known in the area for their diverse and smart recovery programs.

Providence Treatment PA

Address: 1528 Walnut Street, Suite 1410, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Phone: (866) 247-3307



  • behavioral interventions for drug and alcohol addiction treatment

  • medication management

  • intensive family therapy for family members and loved ones

  • spiritual counseling

  • drug and alcohol addiction education

All Good Things Recovery Inc.

Address: 1435 N 19th Street, Philadelphia PA 19121

Phone: (267) 231-7430



  • medication monitoring

  • assessment and mentoring for mental health issues

  • inpatient care

  • in-house meetings

  • judicial advocacy for drug and alcohol addiction sufferers

Crossroads of Philadelphia, PA

Address: 2820 West Girard Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19130

Phone: (800) 805-6989



  • Accepts major health insurance (Medicaid and medicare), government funding, private insurance, and self-payment

  • relapse prevention for substance use treatment

  • early recovery (stabilizing post-withdrawal symptoms)

  • talk therapy

  • aftercare for substance use disorder treatment programs.

The Healing Way Behavioral Center

Address: 7900 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19136

Phone: (215) 335-3520



  • medication-assisted treatment programs

  • anger management therapy

  • drug and alcohol addiction treatment through behavioral interventions

  • re-entry services

  • individualized care


Address: 4833 Hulmeville Road, Bensalem, PA 19020

Phone: (800) 245-4746



  • day programs (partial treatment)

  • co-occurring disorders

  • residential/inpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment

  • telehealth and telepsychiatry

  • drug and alcohol detox

About Philadelphia Drug Detox and Rehab Treatments

As you look for various Philadelphia drug rehab centers, you will soon understand that there is a wide variety in terms of what you may find in a particular alcohol or drug addiction treatment center in the Philadelphia area. Many of these rehab centers may specialize in detoxification or outpatient programs. They may even incorporate various alternative alcohol rehab and recovery therapies for patients, from youth, adolescent, and adult programs.

But while they show differences in their offerings, every process has one thing in common: they offer lasting and smart recovery for people. Here are some of the most common treatments in Philadelphia, PA that you should take note of.

  • Behavioral therapy

    • Cognitive behavioral therapy

    • Acceptance and commitment therapy

    • Dialectical behavioral therapy

  • Detoxification

    • heroin detox

    • drug detox

    • medication-assisted detox

    • opioid detox

    • alcohol addiction detox

  • Alternative therapy

    • holistic/integrated therapy

    • equine therapy

    • music therapy

    • art therapy

It's always important when taking the first step of rehabilitation to consult with a physician to determine the best way of treatment for a patient. Additionally, rehabilitation doesn't end with a rehab program. You must also commit yourself to a sober life post-rehab. In most cases, the health of people is better guarded if they are in the company of mentors and sober companions to help them not to relapse.

Current State of Drug Addiction and Alcoholism in Philadelphia?

The current state of drug addiction and alcoholism in Philadelphia is a crisis that needs to be addressed. The city's homeless population is growing at an alarming rate, and the number of deaths from drug overdoses has reached record highs.

In 2016, there were 2,400 drug-related deaths in Philadelphia—a 40% increase from 2015. These deaths were largely caused by opioids like heroin, fentanyl, and carfentanil. In addition to this staggering number of deaths, there were more than 10,000 emergency room visits related to drug use during the same period.

The opioid epidemic has hit other cities hard as well; however, Philadelphia is one of the most affected areas in the country. It was ranked as one of America's worst cities for drugs last year by 24/7 Wall St., which analyzed data from various sources including the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), the FBI's Uniform Crime Report (UCR), and WalletHub's Best & Worst Cities for Drug Users report among others.

While there are many factors contributing to this problem in our city—including poverty rates that hover around 25 percent for adults aged 16 or older living below 100 percent of the federal poverty level —it's clear that opioid addiction remains a major issue facing many.

Various treatment options such as medical detox and behavioral therapy are used in the Philadelphia area to curb rising cases.

Alternative Options to Philadelphia Detoxes and Rehab Centers

If you are looking for alternative drug rehab therapies or programs to Philadelphia drug rehab centers, LA has a wide variety of offerings that may cater to patients looking for something different when it comes to treatment.

NUMA Recovery Centers in Los Angeles is just one of the many substance abuse & alcohol rehab and detox centers you may find in the country. Apart from great facilities and a scenic landscape, you'll find that its staff helps provide all the assistance and service you need to ensure that your treatment and recovery are as smooth and comfortable as you would want them.

Financing is also easier as there are multiple options you can avail of. Apart from partnering with major health insurance companies, they also accept government funding and self-payment methods making transactions convenient.

What Are Some Philadelphia Recovery Support Groups?

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In search of recovery support groups in Philadelphia, PA? The three listed below are some of the most common ones you'll find in the region to help you with the acceptance and recovery process. Some of these groups are either private or receive government funding.

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What Are Some Philadelphia Recovery Support Groups?

If you are looking for recovery support groups in Phoenix, Arizona to help you post-rehab, the following examples are one of our best recommendations:

What Are Some Phoenix Local Emergency Resources?

Sometimes, emergencies cannot be helped. Whether these are medical or mental health emergencies, it's crucial to know and find these resources to help you or your loved one, especially if they have recently gone through a rehab program and are currently transitioning to their old life. Here are some of the local emergency resources you may contact.

adam zagha of numa detox and rehab in los angeles
Adam Zagha
Adam Zagha is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Los Angeles with over a decade of experience in addiction treatment and recovery. He holds a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and is certified in EMDR therapy, CBT, DBT, and ACT. Prior to Numa Recovery Centers, Adam was CFO and the Director of Clinical Outreach at Transcend Recovery Community. Adam is committed to providing top-quality care to individuals seeking treatment for addiction and mental health issues. He also provides trainings and workshops on addiction, mental health, and mindfulness.
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