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A Place to Find Hope and an Environment for Healing

At NUMA Recovery, we’re making the best of luxurious treatment and clinical care affordable and accessible. Here, you can recover without distractions and find the support of a like-minded peer community. We’re with you every step of the way.
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A Snapshot of The NUMA Recovery Experience

Located in the warm and gorgeous Southern California area, NUMA Recovery offers a unique take on the treatment experience.

Beautifully Designed Craftsmen-style Homes

Free of sterile and impersonal hospital-like settings, our three rehab facilities are in residential spaces that feel like home.

Affordable Luxury

You or your loved one shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort to pursue healing. You can have both without a serious financial burden.

Peace and Positivity

Your treatment experience should be the best part of your day and the highlight of your recovery story - not something you dread.

Tour Our Facilities

Your environment during recovery matters. Whether you’re seeking treatment in your local area or you’re traveling to sunny Southern California to get away from it all, your space should reflect what you hope to accomplish here: Recovery.

NUMA Recovery Center’s main hub is at the center of Hollywood and is mere minutes from an endless list of sights and attractions. In total, our facilities offer an 18-bed campus and a strong, tight-knit community.

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What To Do In Southern California

As part of our Medical Detox, Rehab, and Stabilization treatment programs, you and your peers will participate in exciting recreational activities like hiking, biking, surfing, and more. But on your own or with a small group, there is so much more you can experience.

  • Visit one (or all) of the local amusement parks
  • Enjoy a beach day
  • Kayak the LA River
  • Visit Griffith Park Observatory
  • Stroll the Venice canals
  • Tour the Getty Museum
  • Visit Barnsdall Art Park
  • Try the “Two Bit Circus”
  • And so much more

Treatment and Recovery Center FAQs

Your fresh start future awaits on the other side of the treatment journey. Healing begins here.

Can I bring my phone?

NUMA Recovery offers a full continuum of care, from detox to long-term stabilization. Our professional staff and supportive community are committed to serving your recovery to facilitate lasting success.

How long does treatment last?

Our team of experienced professionals provides individualized care and support to address the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of those struggling with substance abuse. After a detailed assessment, each client will be prescribed an individualized treatment plan that best suits their unique needs. This will include several individual and group therapy interventions and modalities.

Can I smoke on-site?

No two recovery journeys are exactly alike. What you or your loved one needs to succeed may look different from a peer. However, in most cases, a comprehensive treatment plan usually encompasses 10 to 30 days, depending on your needs and ongoing aftercare.

Start Your Recovery Here.

Consider NUMA Recovery a resource partner for your recovery journey. Even if you’re not sure where to go or what to do, we can help. We’ll let you know if you’re a good fit for our Southern California facility or connect you with a solution that matches your needs.
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Numa Recovery Centers is a comprehensive drug and alcohol detox and rehab facility in Los Angeles, California dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. Our team of experienced professionals provides individualized care and support to address the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of those struggling with substance abuse.
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