Co-Occurring Disorders: Facts, Causes, and Treatment

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Living With Co-Occurring Disorders Can Change Everything You Do. We Can Help Restore Balance In Your Life.

Struggling with both a mental health disorder and substance use can make every day and everything you do significantly more challenging - mentally, emotionally, and physically. With integrated and evidence-based treatment, we can address both concerns on a holistic level and help you restore a healthy balance in your life. Let’s do this together.
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What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Possible Causes or Risk Factors Associated With Co-Occurring Disorders

Common Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

Common Substances Associated With Co-Occurring Disorders

Is Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment More Important Than Substance or Alcohol Use Disorder?

Treating Co-Occurring Disorders: An Integrated Holistic Approach

Mental health and substance use disorders are each challenging in their own right, but when present together, recovery becomes significantly more difficult. Effective treatment and lasting recovery require the right approach to each disorder to facilitate true healing.

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Holistic Therapy Interventions


Balance Can Be Restored. Start Here.

You are not alone, and you can experience peace again. We can help you make that transition. Reach out today and begin your recovery journey.
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