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Adam Zagha

Founder, Writer for Numa

About Adam

Adam embarked on his journey in the mental health and addiction treatment arena in 2010, starting as a "sober living house technician" for a modest sober living company managing two homes. Within a year, he assumed the role of program director for the company's third home, eventually becoming a partner in 2012. From serving as CFO to holding positions as COO, Adam has been instrumental in shaping the company's growth from a local enterprise to a nationally recognized brand.

His impact extends beyond the company's expansion. Adam played a pivotal role in establishing two outpatient centers specializing in mental health and addiction treatment, alongside a high-end detox facility. Since 2010, while navigating his own recovery from addiction, Adam has touched the lives of thousands of clients, offering his valuable insights and support along their recovery journeys.

Adam's influence within the mental health and addiction treatment realm expands beyond his direct roles. Alongside his operational endeavors, he has been an avid consultant for numerous companies across the addiction and mental health spectrum. His consultancy spans diverse areas, from advising tech innovations to guiding the establishment of facilities on a national scale.

His insights and expertise have been pivotal in shaping and supporting various entities in their missions to improve addiction treatment and mental health services. This consulting facet of Adam's career underscores his commitment to enhancing the industry as a whole, extending his impact far beyond the confines of his direct leadership roles.

In April 2023, Adam took a bold step by stepping away from his previous role to establish Numa Behavioral Health. Driven by a belief in making addiction treatment accessible without compromising on quality, Adam's mission for his new venture mirrors his core values.

His commitment to breaking down barriers to entry in addiction treatment while ensuring top-notch care stands as the guiding principle of Numa Behavioral Health.

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Numa Recovery Centers is a comprehensive drug and alcohol detox and rehab facility in Los Angeles, California dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. Our team of experienced professionals provides individualized care and support to address the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of those struggling with substance abuse.


826 N Mariposa Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

California License Number: 191284AP

Expiration Date: 01/31/2026

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