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Los Angeles Detox & Rehab Center for Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Numa Recovery Center is a leading luxury detox and rehab In Los Angeles, CA, that serves to establish the foundation of recovery. Healing Begins Here.
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An Affordably Luxurious Los Angeles Detox Center and Rehab Services

Alcohol and substance abuse is a life-altering struggle that has the potential to damage your career, your finances, your relationships, your health, and your future. Addressing these challenges with professional treatment is the most effective solution for lasting recovery.

NUMA Recovery Center is a fully licensed and highly rated drug and alcohol detox center in the heart of Southern California. With options for both detox and residential inpatient rehab in Los Angeles, our goal is to support your recovery journey from critical early detox & stabilization to long-term recovery.


Drug and alcohol detox is the earliest stage of recovery, where professional support is critical for safety and success. During this process, we will help your body eliminate harmful toxins and create a fresh, clean slate.


Now that you’ve built the foundation, it’s time to level up. Drug and alcohol stabilization addresses physical and psychological needs for holistic healing designed to last a lifetime.


Once detox is completed, drug and alcohol rehab is where the practical treatment begins. This is where you learn real-life coping and relapse-prevention skills to build a foundation for lasting recovery.
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We’re here to be a resource for you at every stage of recovery. Even if you just have questions or you’re not sure what to do first, we’d love to provide practical clarity and inspiration.
We can be the solution you need or point you in the right direction.
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Holistic Addiction Treatment Solutions

Much of addiction treatment is built on a framework of holistic therapy. These interventions help you build the skills you need to support the new, clean, and sober lifestyle you want. You will learn how to combat relapse, manage triggers, cope with stress, improve interpersonal skills, and more. These will become tools in your mental health toolbelt and support a lifetime of wellness and sobriety.
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Why Detox in Los Angeles?

The greater Los Angeles area is world-renowned for luxurious amenities, pleasant weather all year long, and a multidimensional landscape that ranges from mountains and valleys to deserts and beaches.

Whether you’re from Southern California or you’re looking to explore a new location, NUMA Recovery Center’s main hub sits in the heart of Hollywood and is minutes from both the LA County Museum of Art and Griffith Observatory.
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The Numa Recovery Center Difference - Healing Begins Here

Embarking on any recovery journey requires courage, discipline, and financial support. These are all assets you may not have in place today, but we’re here to help you overcome all of them.

Rarely can you combine affordable treatment with a luxurious experience. And yet, we’ve managed to achieve just that. No one should dread the treatment process. It should be a positive part of your day and a highlight of your story.

Our affordable detox treatment and rehab in LA offers an 18-bed campus designed to offer both individualized care and a strong, tight-knit community. Treatment focuses on lasting recovery measures and trauma awareness to ensure that all facets of your mental health are addressed.
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What Sets Our Detox and Rehab Apart from Others?

NUMA was founded with a sole purpose in mind: to reduce as many barriers to recovery as possible. One of those barriers is often the financial burden of traditional treatment options. To offset this harmful dynamic, we’re creating a path to affordable and accessible treatment.

You or your loved one can experience our luxury-level treatment and personalized care designed with affordability in mind.
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Our Detox Treatment Center Insurance Plans

Worry-free recovery starts here. We have strong working relationships with many of the major insurance carriers to help as many people as possible. We want to help you build the future you envision for yourself without constantly stressing over the next bill. Begin your treatment with confidence and peace of mind.
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Our Detox Center and Rehab Services

Staffed with mission-driven industry veterans and treatment experts, our detox and rehab services are some of the finest in the region. You or your loved one will be in good hands as you navigate the treatment experience. You will receive judgment-free care and positive support every step of the way.
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Alcohol Detox

Alcohol detox can be dangerous if attempted alone. A professional and luxurious detox facility is the gateway to a safe recovery.

female leaping out of opioid detox with los angeles sunset in background

Opioid Detox

Withdrawal from opioid pain medications can be an uncomfortable experience. Our professional opioid detox services can make the transition safer and easier.

female reading a book in medical detox on balcony with los angeles beach in background

Medical Detox

A medical detox offers a safe and effective way to withdraw from any number of drugs or alcohol while under experienced medical supervision.

female meditation on LA beach during heroin detox

Heroin Detox

Withdrawing from heroin use is uncomfortable and can lead to serious side effects like seizures and altered mental status. A professional heroin detox is the safest way to overcome your disorder.

male on top of mountain in santa monica during sunset as part of prescription drug detox therapy

Prescription Drug Detox

Prescription drugs are meant to help us but often come with physical and psychological consequences. Detox for prescription drugs offers a safe and supervised withdrawal.

a woman cheering on top of rock for completing methadone detoxing

Methadone Detox

Methadone is often prescribed to assist with the withdrawal from other substances but can also lead to misuse and dependence. Methadone detox helps restore your body to natural function in a safe environment.

female on rocky shore during her los angeles luxury detox treatment

Luxury Detox

Our luxury detox center provides an upscale setting for individuals to safely and effectively navigate the withdrawal process without sacrificing comfort or support.

female on los angeles beach recovering through drug addiction treatment

Drug Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction treatment is a process that helps individuals overcome drug dependency and regain control of their lives.

lady on luxury rehab balcony preparing for yoga in LA

Luxury Rehab

Luxury rehab offers high-end amenities and specialized addiction treatment in a comfortable, upscale environment to overcome drug or alcohol addiction.

Start Your Recovery Here.
If you’re not sure where to go or who to turn to, we can help you or point you in the right direction. Even if you just have questions or aren’t sure what to do first, we’d love to provide clarity and inspiration.
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Treatment and Recovery Center FAQs

Your fresh start future awaits on the other side of the treatment journey. Healing begins here.

Alcohol and Drug Detox Los Angeles: Treatment Programs

NUMA Recovery offers detox and residential treatment. Our professional staff and supportive community are committed to serving your recovery to facilitate lasting success.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Los Angeles: Therapies

Our team of experienced professionals provides individualized care and support to address the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of those struggling with substance abuse. After a detailed assessment, each client will be prescribed an individualized treatment plan that best suits their unique needs. This will include several individual and group therapy interventions and modalities.

How Long Does Los Angeles Detox and Rehab Take?

No two recovery journeys are exactly alike. What you or your loved one needs to succeed may look different from a peer. However, in most cases, a comprehensive treatment plan usually encompasses 10 to 30 days, depending on your needs and ongoing aftercare.

Does NUMA Treat Mental Health Issues?

Yes, NUMA's mental health services tackle the entire spectrum of substance use disorders, including mental health issues and co-occurring disorders. Our goal is to avoid life-threatening withdrawal symptoms and mitigate the long-term health impact of misuse.

How Much Does Detox and Rehab Cost in Los Angeles?

The cost for you will vary based on your unique treatment plan and insurance coverage. One of NUMA’s distinct objectives is to provide luxury-level care at an affordable price. We’re happy to work with you and your insurance to make your treatment as accessible as possible.

What Medical Insurance Does Your Detox and Rehab Take?

We work with many of the major insurance carriers as an out-of-network provider, and can also accept private payments when possible.

Does Numa Recovery Center Accept Medical and Medicaid?

NUMA does not accept Medical and Medicaid plans at this time. 

Still have a question?
NUMA Recovery exists to be a resource for you at every stage of recovery. If you’re not sure where to go or who to turn to, we can help you at our Southern California facility or point you toward a solution that’s right for you. If you have additional questions or aren’t sure what to do first, we’d love to provide clarity and inspiration.
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Numa Recovery Centers is a comprehensive drug and alcohol detox and rehab facility in Los Angeles, California dedicated to helping individuals overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. Our team of experienced professionals provides individualized care and support to address the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of those struggling with substance abuse.
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